Course Maps

Adult Bike & Run Routes:

Swim: 500 meters
Bike: 12 miles
Run: 3.1 miles

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Youth Bike & Run Routes:

Swim: 200 meters
Bike: 6 miles
Run: 1+ miles

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Kiddie Triathlon Routes:

Swim: 25 meters
Bike: 1/4 mile
Run: about 200 yards

The kiddie is 1-length on the pool (with an adult), bike around City Park (never crossing a road) and with an adult.  The run is a circle course in City park (with an adult).

The kiddie course never crosses a street, or is next to a street, and is 100% present with an adult.  Tricycles, Big Wheels, bikes with training wheels, and being carried by an adult is all Ok.